Introducing a brand spanking new blog (as if there weren’t enough already) ;-)

Let the blogging start!

I have just created this new blog for our Massey University paper, Online communities. I am really looking forward to this paper and hope I can learn lots about the role of online communities, social media and computer-mediated communications.

I am new to writing my own blog, so this will be an interesting journey.  In saying that I have been reading blogs on different subjects for many years now, so hopefully I have learnt something about blogging and can apply it here.  Feel free to let me know if I’ve got something wrong, but also tell me if something is working too.

The topic of my blog will be about data & visualisation of data.  This is my passion and my work.  The inspiration comes from a man called Hans Rosling and his fascinating story telling with data.  His videos can be found on TED, check them out if you haven’t already.  My visualisation will be nowhere near as good as his, he is a magician :-).

Check out this visualisation below of a sample of facebook friends connections around the world, greater the number of friend connections brighter the lines.  Cool!  This image comes from another blog post, check it out if you like & they copied it from the facebook engineering blog.  :-)

Facebook friends connection around the world

Facebook friends connection around the world

By the way, visualisation of data is not a new thing, we have been doing them since time memorial, take the handy map for example.  Its’ taking data about the world you see and putting it on paper to visualise easily.  The different is that with the advent of fast computers, cheap storage and tons of collected data it is much easier to do this now than ever before.  And this trend will continue to grow and become more pervasive in future.

Anywho, I’ve started this blog and just completed my first post!  Hopefully I can continue on posting interesting things, from which I can learn and hopefully you too can find something of interest.


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7 Responses to Introducing a brand spanking new blog (as if there weren’t enough already) ;-)

  1. mikes157240 says:

    I can appreciate your love of visualisation of data. I went off and had a read of the original posting and visualisation is the only way to display at a glance the huge amount of data that is represented so elegantly here. I wonder if business expansion follows the same paths.

    • suhel says:

      Thanks for your comment. I completely agree with your summary that visualisation is the easiest way to summarise large volume of information. Also, sometimes visualisation helps to discover things and relationships that you wouldn’t have thought existed. Which is always nice.


  2. Kerry says:

    I like the visualisation concept. Good blog.

  3. yogisview says:

    Great first post. Something tells me you’ve blogged before :-) Took me a while to work out how to ‘pretty things up’ with links etc… Nice work.

    • suhel says:

      Hey Yogi, thanks for your comments. And no I haven’t blogged before but I feel like that I will enjoy the feeling of doing interesting things and sharing it with readers.

      I noticed that comments on your blog has a thumbs up & down. How did you get this?


      • yogisview says:

        If you go to your dashboard and look down the left hand side, you’ll find ‘Ratings’. Click on that and then click on ‘Settings’…
        I think it was on by default with the theme I picked. I played around with a few of the other ratings options for posts and pages but ‘comment’ ratings (thumbs up/down as it turned out) was the only one I wanted to leave on my blog. Hope that helps.

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